Kennedy Saunders offers access to stockbroking services through Paul Kennedy who is an authorized representative of FSP which has a referral arrangement in place with SHAW Stockbroking. SHAW is a participant of the Australian Stock Exchange Ltd, Australian Clearing House Pty Ltd and ASX Settlement and Transfer Corporation Pty Ltd. SHAW holds an Australian Financial Services Licence No. 236048. Shaw is Australia’s largest independent broker with nearly 100 Advisers in Sydney, Melbourne and Parramatta. Shaw employs a team of 10 full time Research Analysts who provide rigorous analysis on investment opportunities for clients.


  • SHAW provides a range of broking and advice services through us, including the following:
  • buying and selling shares or securities listed on the ASX including initial public offerings, placements and other corporate actions;
  • dealing in international equities and options;
  • dealing in bank bills, debentures and bonds;
  • a portfolio administration service which provides quarterly capital gains tax reports, portfolio valuations, income reports and sector analysis;
  • a nominee company service under which shares are held in trust on your behalf;
  • margin lending; and
  • online information services

If you already own shares or other financial products, we can review your portfolio and help you decide whether the financial products you hold are still appropriate having regard to your personal circumstances. If you do not already own shares or other financial products, we can help you design a portfolio to suit your personal circumstances. 


As your adviser, Paul can provide you with research reports and other information issued by SHAW’s research department. Some of the reports issued by the research department include:

  • comprehensive company reports analysing nearly 200 ASX stocks, financials, valuations and recommendations;
  • daily morning comments and opinions;
  • specialist reports on dividends, reporting dates and income securities;
  • company profiles on over 200 ASX stocks;
  • bi-monthly research bulletins; and
  • SHAW View – the latest SHAW analyst recommendations on breaking news.

You should bear in mind that these reports contain information of a general nature and may not be suitable for your personal circumstances. You should always contact your advisor before acting on any research report. 


You can give instructions to buy or sell shares, options, other listed securities and financial products in person, by telephone, facsimile or post, or in some cases via email. Once your Advisor has confirmed receipt, SHAW will process your order(s) in accordance with the ASX Market Rules. 


If you are provided with personal advice recommending a particular financial product (other than securities such as listed shares) you will be given a PDS which is issued by or on behalf of the product issuer. The main purpose of a PDS is to help you compare and make an informed choice about a financial product. A PDS will contain general information about the product including terms and conditions for the product, any significant benefits and risks associated with holding the product, and information about the cost of the product. 


The SHAW privacy policy supplements Kennedy Saunders’ own privacy policy. The privacy of your personal information collected in order to provide you with the products and services in accordance with your needs and requirements is important to SHAW. SHAW has adopted the principles set out in the Privacy Act 1988 as part of their provision of quality service to clients. For details of SHAW’s privacy policy please go to their website or ask your adviser for a copy.