Investors, owners and regulators seek assurance regarding various financial issues and rely on Kennedy Saunders independent professional audit services to report on the financial position of a business. The firm has the experience and expertise to satisfy all audit requirements providing statutory audits, internal audits, special purpose audits, due diligence reviews and preparation of financial reports.

We assist our clients in keeping up to date with the complex and changing reporting and compliance requirements enabling management to make informed decisions on a timely basis. We are also able to identify and advise on issues affecting the profitability of your business including possible cost savings, highlighting operational inefficiencies and identifying opportunities for potential growth.

Kennedy Saunders has experience assisting a wide range of clients including conducting audits of companies, partnerships, superannuation funds, schools, licensed clubs, trade unions, and hospitals as well as conducting Trust Account audits for solicitors, real estate agents, travel agents, and other accountants.