Superannuation is one of the most effective forms of wealth creation available in Australia. Superannuation is a tax-advantaged method of saving as the 15% tax rate on contributions is lower than the rate an employee would have paid if they received the money as income. Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) are funds established for a small number of individuals (usually fewer than 5) and have become an increasingly popular method of saving for your retirement as they offer advantages including flexibility and control.

The advantages of SMSF are:

  • Control – Trustees have the power to make investment decisions
  • Flexibility – a wide range of retirement benefits available (eg Lump sum or Allocated pension), specific planning strategies only available through SMSF and greater investment freedom
  • Tax Advantages – lower tax on contributions than income, investments can be planned to reduce effective tax payable, Tax favoured treatment in pension phase
  • Cost Savings – initial and ongoing costs are generally lower for SMSF than other superannuation alternatives
  • Government incentives - Since 1 July 2003, the Federal Government has made available incentives of a Government super co-contribution for lower income employees who make personal contributions to their own superannuation fund.


Do you like being in control for more than financial reasons? Do you enjoy studying investment markets and spend time having active control of your investments? Are you undaunted by having to make investment decisions based on your own knowledge as well as professional investment advice where appropriate? Are you interested in monitoring your investments and able to identify and act quickly in situations which require you to switch or modify your investments?

Our staff’s knowledge, experience and expertise can assist you in deciding if a SMSF is right for you and simplifying the complexities of SMSF. We can help you ensure your fund complies with regulations, operates efficiently and achieves your investment goals and objectives. Our service offers direct access to advisers with whom you have an existing relationship and a foundation of trust.*

Profiles of people who have a SMSF are typically: Single or Married, Professional, Self Employed or Business Proprietor, Middle / Senior Management or Executive. Pre-Retiree or Retiree. 

*This information is of a general nature only and does not purport to take into account any particular investor's financial needs or circumstances.  This information should not be construed as investment or financial advice, and should not be relied upon by investors in making any investment decision. Investors should seek professional advice from their financial adviser.